“Fides Quaerens Intellectum”

— St. Anselm

Faith Seeking Understanding

The purpose of this phrase it to highlight Christ’s supremacy in all theological & intellectual pursuits- faith in Christ is the telos for all philosophy. Faith for Anselm is volitional (a response) rather than the common pejorative trope of the atheist who states that Christians operate on “blind faith,” that is, that Christians see faith epistemically. Rather, faith is built on a love for God and a desire to act as God wills. So “faith seeking understanding” means loving God, trusting God, and seeking a deeper knowledge of God. The chief end of all mankind is union with Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Light of the World and Wisdom Incarnate, therefore, this is the correct end for all philosophy. It is our trust and love of him that opens our eyes. Anselm understood that All truth is God’s Truth, and likewise, we can do the same.

“Lord, I am not trying to make my way to your height, for my understanding is in no way equal to that, but I do desire to understand a little of your truth which my heart already believes and loves. I do not seek to understand so that I can believe, but I believe so that I may understand; and what is more, I believe that unless I do believe, I shall not understand.”- St. Anselm

My Purposes for Writing Here Are:

  1. To Fellowship with the Great Thinkers of the Past through the Great Books
  2. To Expound, Exhort, Read, and Discuss the Truths found in Holy Scripture
  3. To Explore the Wisdom, Wonder, & Reality of the Biblical Worldview
  4. To Exhort Gospel Truth to a Disenchanted World
  5. To Engage with the Heroes of the Great Classical & Christian Traditions
  6. To Rescue People from Plato’s Modern Cave (the un-Enlightenment of Modernity)

Jamie is a follower of the King, Jesus Christ; a husband, a father, and a classical theologian. Further, he enjoys writing on cultural content and how the gospel compels us to enter into the social dialogue to announce the presence of the kingdom and the return of the King. He currently resides in the state of Florida. He and his wife met in high school and celebrated their 20th year of marriage in 2020. They have two children, a 11-year-old daughter, and a 15-year-old son. He is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from Houston Baptist University.

Jamie’s desire is to impact the culture and the church by equipping Christians with a firm foundation of knowing what they believe and why they believe it and how to define, defend, and think about it. He hopes to help the Church think critically about their faith and to help the culture think Christian-ly about faith and the world around us. Further, to help the Church live fully and gratefully as Kingdom participants living to the calling of the Great Commandments and the Great Commission. Finally, his ultimate and chief end is to glorify God and to make the name of Jesus famous!

“If Plato and the rest of the philosophers … were to come to life again and find churches full and temples empty, … they would say, ‘This is what we didn’t dare teach to the people! We preferred to yield to popular custom.’ … With the change of a few words and sentiments, they would become Christians”

— St. Augustine, On the True Religion

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